Stand-Up Might Be Ruining Me: All of my best friends are comics

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stand-up might be ruining me

best-1Look at your Facebook friend list. How many people on there are comics? Now, look through your emails/texts/tweets/smoke signals. How many of those are from comics or about shows? How many nights are you hanging out in a bar/restaurant/firehouse/back alley/club either telling jokes, supporting your comic friends while they are doing their time, or trying to meet the show promoter to try to get time for yourself? Yeah, me too.

There isn’t much time left for other aspects of life when you are a comic. Keeping dinner plans with friends is tough when there is a chance that you’ll pick up a spot at Chuckle Bunnies – and – after a few missed dinners, invites stop coming. Binge watching ‘New Nifty Show’ with your roomie or significant other gets totally thrown out of whack because “How could [they] possibly wait to watch what happened to the chicken on last night’s show while you ran out to do your 7 minutes for ‘industry special guests’?” when the internet will be ablaze with spoilers the next day?! You can’t expect them to wait. And – You shouldn’t.

best-2So – doing comedy is the life you’ve chosen? Then odds are, most of your friends are going to end up being comics. I have a friend (yes, a comic) who looks at comics as being his work friends and that totally makes sense and seems valid. Except – if that’s the case and all of these comics are just my work friends – and – I’ve ostracized all of my other friends away because I’m always busy ‘at work’ doing comedy – then where does that leave me?! I honestly think that it may be possible that comedy just might be ruining me …

Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar is a comedian, podcaster, animator who hails from the wonderfully imaginary land of Coffee-Can Alley where ghosts sit with flowers, mice play with whales, and kittens poke fun in a vain effort to level the playing field. He is a self-professed “big fan of making all kinds of stuff” who rarely puts forth any kind of an idea about anything without first running it by his live-in band of malcontents Irving Brown Socks, Spot Elliot, and Peanut Lou.
Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar

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  1. Big Rich says:

    I’m your friend Natty!

    • admin says:

      But – are you really? Or – do you just keep me around so that the girls will have something adorable to point and giggle at?!

  2. Steve Schwarz says:

    Big Rich…are you the friend who considers comics his work friends?

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