Stand-Up Might Be Ruining Me: Perceptive perceptions.

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stand-up might be ruining me

My brain is a whirling dervish. Most of the the time, it jumps from this to that and from over here to over there in a random and ridiculous fashion. The rest of the time, I’m asleep – having scattershot dreams within mish-mash realities where the only sense is nonsense and I hardly have a leg to stand on. It’s exhausting.

It can also be annoying. Mostly to the people that I’m around – because I tend to be hyper-aware of the situation that I’m in, and how each piece and part of that situation is affected by all of the other pieces and parts. Sometimes, I’ll even let my imagination start inventing how all of the intermingled bits will continue long after I’ve left the room – and then all of the variables that come out of that create different trajectories that don’t always make the most sense. The annoying part to the people around me? That comes when I either try to explain what I’m noticing, or, when I get flummoxed that they aren’t noticing all of the things that I’m noticing – and putting the same amount of weight onto those things.

Perception is, to me, such a major part of doing comedy. It’s where people’s voices come from. It’s the one thing that really makes people stand out in a crowd of other comics. Because, in the end, everyone is just taking words and presenting them in a way that they hope will make people laugh … But – it’s the way that it’s done that can really be the differentiating factor.
Most people walk into a room, do what they need to do, and move on with their day. A comic can walk into that same room and notice all of the askew minutia that is everywhere in life, and make-a-go at fashioning all of those things in a relatable way that people will enjoy. That squirrel in the park that a hundred people walked past and ignored wasn’t anything until someone perceptive noticed that the squirrel had picked up a discarded banana and started holding the peel and eating what was left, like a tiny little furry person, eating a giant banana … Ho-boy, comedy.

My problem is that my brain already does all of this all on it’s own, so, when I throw into the mix that I need to constantly develop new material, it puts everything on overdrive. I’m always on the hunt for something that will trigger the next quip, or that will provide context or connective tissue for some joke that I’m working on … Yes, I think that comedy might be ruining me – because – it makes me think too much.

It’s comedy’s fault that I’m bo-nonkers … right?!

Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar is a comedian, podcaster, animator who hails from the wonderfully imaginary land of Coffee-Can Alley where ghosts sit with flowers, mice play with whales, and kittens poke fun in a vain effort to level the playing field. He is a self-professed “big fan of making all kinds of stuff” who rarely puts forth any kind of an idea about anything without first running it by his live-in band of malcontents Irving Brown Socks, Spot Elliot, and Peanut Lou.
Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar
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