Stand-Up Might Be Ruining Me: Talking to people is hard.

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stand-up might be ruining me

Talking to people is so weird and difficult. You have to stand there and listen to all of the words that are coming out of their mouth, and shift and contort your body and expression to imply that you are not only listening, but also that you might have the slightest bit of interest in what they are saying. Seriously, what a chore!

And, that’s just the half of it – the incoming part of it. The rest is having to insert your parts into the conversation, at the right times, that are basically inline with what they are talking about, and have all of that make a lick of sense. Talking to people is an almost impossible scenario. There are just way too many variables, and complications, and distractions.

Did you know that you aren’t supposed to eat squash when it has gone squishy?

I digress.

Back to the point. Whenever I get onto a stage, it immediately cuts the trouble that I have in half! Instead of having to talk with people, I just get to talk to people. Right at them. it is so liberating, not having to figure out what they are going on and on about.

And, with that being said, it is clear that comedy is ruining me – because instead of being an active member of society who can communicate openly, honestly, and authentically with my fellow societal members, I choose to seek out a microphone and a stage from which to yammer on about how fishy it is that I found a penguin sleeping in the crisper drawer of my Frigidaire last weekend … I am doomed.

Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar is a comedian, podcaster, animator who hails from the wonderfully imaginary land of Coffee-Can Alley where ghosts sit with flowers, mice play with whales, and kittens poke fun in a vain effort to level the playing field. He is a self-professed “big fan of making all kinds of stuff” who rarely puts forth any kind of an idea about anything without first running it by his live-in band of malcontents Irving Brown Socks, Spot Elliot, and Peanut Lou.
Natty Bumpercar
Natty Bumpercar
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