Askholes: Introduction | Celebrity Hookup/Hangout


ASKHOLES is a panel of comedians that analyze and discuss topics that have been covered a million times before. Episodes include pop culture, entertainment, multiple “what if” scenarios, and personal experiences.

ASKHOLES is unfiltered, uncensored and unhinged…this group shares their views as only they can, HILARIOUSLY!!

Mike Celona, writer, producer and Nutley NJ resident put this hilarious crew together in early 2014. When asked about ASKHOLES, Mike can’t help but laugh, “ASKHOLES is the most unoriginal idea. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel, the format is everywhere, but what makes this project unique is the talent. I wanted to do something fun with the comics I liked. I’ve been a huge fan, some of them I performed with, others I followed on twitter, some of them I called blindly and lied to…Lucky for me, they all said yes.”

Mike Celona must have good taste because ASKHOLES features comics with some pretty impressive resumes. Christi Chiello, Nigel Fullerton, Adriane Hamilton, Adam Lucidi, Jessica Mazo, and Emma Willmann are all regulars in the north east comedy scene. Each key player has their moments, but it’s the authenticity and chemistry that makes this tired format refreshing and hysterical.

Dan Nastro, producer and camera operator admits, “The hardest part about shooting this web series is everyone laughing off camera. We’re just having a blast and I think that comes through in the episodes.”

With a packed live performance under their belt, a few more dates in the works, and season 2 coming in the Fall, you can expect big things from these ASKHOLES.

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