Do you bringer?

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Of all of the types of shows in the comedy community, none is more polarizing than the ‘bringer’. (I saw a couple of you twitch from just reading the word.) If you don’t know, a ‘bringer’ is a show where the amount of time that you get is dependent on how many paying people you […]

Some thoughts about Robin Williams

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It’s interesting to see what bubbles to the surface when unexpected things happen in the world. You are sitting there at the end of the season, looking at the sand on the beach after a storm has come through in the night – and there are the tips of some toys sticking up that some […]

stand-up might be ruining me

Stand-Up Might Be Ruining Me: Germaphobe

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I am not a germaphobe. I have a dog that sheds and tracks dirt, dander, and various forms of whatnot throughout my house. I have small children that are walking disasters of germs, goop, yuck, and ick. I have an alarm set in my phone that reminds me to take showers and change clothes (and […]