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twitterSOCIAL NETWORKING is an obvious necessity in everyone’s world. All of your friends are on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, you may have some stragglers on MYSPACE or MY_____ or NEWMYSPACE, but if you want fans you need to know how to use social network and realize that they are part of the equation, but not the entirety of your marketing. The only reason you are reading this is because you have a compute and someone suggested it to you. What we need to do is take your page from promotional to productive.

Let’s start with the obvious, invite bombs work for mics, but not really for shows. E-mails, texts, phone calls, friends talking, a sick YOUTUBE clip, i.e. “BREAD AND MILK”-Vic DiBittetto, that drives traffic. You need people to want to check your page to see what you’re going to say/do next. Some comics test jokes on FACEBOOK, and if you get butts into chairs doing that, then continue being relevant on FB. It’s still better than the daily I’M AT THIS CLUB TONIGHT/ I’M DOING A BRINGER PLEASE BUY TICKETS posts.

Look we all need to get people in the door, and that means marketing. The cheapest and most direct marketing is electronic, but it is not always the best. Fans want to come see someone that is important to them or something new and fun. If you are not putting new content out there in the media, your friends can’t suggest you. So put stuff online like pictures and videos, if it is funny the will look for you.

The STRESS FACTORY had the cast of IMPRACTICAL JOKERS sold out on a Tuesday. And no one in NEW JERSEY would have known who they were if it were not for TRU-TV. It is funny, but more importantly it is televised, and they are able to direct people who like the show to their web spaces and all of the marketing was paid for by VIACOM, not the comedians. Now how do you get to that level? Pack the rooms, showcases, and lots of YOUTUBE videos.

If you have people with you who think you are funny, tape what you and they think is funny. They will look at it multiple times, show it to other, comment on the content, and share it on media. That’s how you make your friends your fans and how you make your fans fanatics (same word, more letter).

Everyone says to me now, “I’ll FACEBOOK YOU” which comes off like, “I DON’T LIKE YOU ENOUGH TO EXCHANGE INFO”. When you are at your shows, meet everyone, not just your friends, not just the bookers and agents, but other comics. Exchange phone numbers, emails, social sites, and let them know what you are doing next that is important. If you did well that night and people know that you have something big coming up in the near future, you are more likely to see that return business. If a guy is doing big thing in another country I really don’t care and neither do the fans, we want to know what we can see and possibly share with our friends. Maybe someone in the crowd is doing a small movie and really just their friends, family, and other students are going to see it. That is still an opportunity for you make new fans and have content to put up in association with your name. GIGLI sucked but people still bought tickets.

I use FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER, TAGGED, PATH, FOURSQUARE, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE and I have a website. The most important thing that we do is take pictures with people, and let them know when we are coming back or where you are next. People might forget what you told them, but they have some info on me and you took a photo with them, which leads them to see me within a few days on their terms, and if they like the show they saw, the photos will be shared with their friends, so now you get new fans. None of the JERSEY BOYS are famous, but after people see them, have a good time, get the autograph on the playbill which their names are in, and take a picture with them. When those guys are doing something else, those JERSEY BOYS fans become that GUY IN THE PICTURE fans.

If you really want to use social networking to its full capacity, don’t just see what everyone else is doing and emulate it, see what your favorite person is doing and emulate that. When we get to said performer’s level, there will be a marketing team taking care of the social networking for us. Until then, become the best that you can be, and tell everyone what you are doing. People want to know that you are a funny person, so hang out with them and they will hang out with you. They will go to your stuff if you go to theirs. HAVE FUN and BE FUNNY!

See you late kiddies,

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