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NJ-COMEDY2Welcome to Garden State Comedy.  This website is dedicated to all things funny in the greatest state in the world … NEW JERSEY.

The goal of the GSC staff is to create a one stop shop for all comedy fans, humor enthusiasts, and comedians.  Our site will feature articles with humorous points of view on many of the newsworthy topics affecting our state.  We will also showcase local comedians, comedy promoters, and performers in a weekly Spotlight On feature.  To do this, GSC has assembled some of the sharpest and most witty minds around to be contributors to the site.

It is also our goal to present comedy fans with all of the information needed to plan a night out for comedy.  Our up to date calendar features the best live comedy shows from all over the state.  We have a comprehensive list of New Jersey’s many comedy clubs, and to make your planning even easier, we will be giving away FREE tickets to live comedy events every month to those who sign up for our newsletter.   And for those fans searching for the next big thing, we have a video section showcasing the state’s best and brightest comedians.

jerseyAs for the comedians in this state, we have created a section called ‘For Comics Only’ where we have an updates list of open mics, comedy classes, and articles for comedians.  Our video section will showcase videos of NJ’s best stand-up comedians and one comedian will be picked as the Feature Artist each month.  We will also have ongoing contests for the funniest meme submitted each month.

So please feel free to enjoy the humor that only the Garden State can provide.  Check back daily for new articles, videos, photos, and happenings.  And why don’t you do a solid for a couple of Jersey guys and share GSC with all your friends!  We will owe you one!!


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