boblevyMany of you already know Bob Levy through the Artie Lang Show or Opie and Anthony. But you may be surprised to read some updated information about the Reverend before you see him at The Otto and George Fundraiser in July.

Q. Are you really a reverend?

A. Yeah. I have the paperwork to prove it.

Q. Where you born in NJ?

A. No, Brooklyn. But I live in south Jersey now, just outside of Philly.

Q. How did you become a regular on the Artie Lange Show?

A. I’ve known Artie for years. We met through (Howard) Stern. When I was part of “The Meanest Listener”.

Q. Do you still do the Blue Cheese thing?

A. Nah…not anymore.

Q. Your son was recently on Artie, wasn’t he?

A. Yeah, and “The Today Show”, for Father’s Day.

Q. What Advice did you give to the dads at home?

A. Tell you’re kids the truth about life. Don’t hide anything from them. They will find out.

Q. How old is you’re son?

A. 14. He wanted to meet Artie. They text a lot and we invited him up. “I know it’s not your father typing because all the words are spelled right”.

He attacked everyone equally. The kid has my sense of humor, which his mom doesn’t like. She’s afraid he’ll become big, like me.

Q. Do you have dogs?

A. Yeah three:  Sophie, Cloe, and Lebron. Including a mini black lab and a puggle.

Q. Lebron like James?

A. Yeah, My wife is from there, and thinks he is the King anyway, so…

Q. And Chloe like Kardashian?

A. No, She’s not fat.

Q. What about Sophie?

A. It’s just a name. I didn’t name them. My wife names the dogs. If I did they would all be named Bob or something. I want to name a dog shithead, like Steve Martin in The Jerk.

Q. How did you  meet your wife?

A. I was talking to her on a (Howard Stern) message board. I was dating some crazy lady from California at the time. We were getting along great and I told her to “Wait it out. You’re next”.

We were already best friends, and it is just better to know someone for a while, like over the phone or hanging out with them, before you go to the next level.

Q. So she was a fan of yours from the show?

A. She never heard me on the show, until after we were already going out. She was already at work by the time I was on.  Sometimes I would fly out there, sometimes she would fly in.

ottoQ. You are doing the Otto and George Benefit, how did this come about and what happened to Otto Peterson?

A. Otto got on a plane with what he thought was just an ear ache. When the plane landed he had to go to the hospital, because he had meningitis.

Me and James (Comedy Shoppe) decided to help. I told James “you find the place, I’ll get the talent”. Then we just had to get Otto to okay it. Now all he has to do is come down and relax.


OTTO and GEORGE BENEFIT JULY 28TH, with VOS, MCFARLAND, AND NORTON at The Comedy Shoppe @ Pure Parsippany 707 Route 46 East, Parsippany, NJ



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