The boys are all back together on the night of Natty’s big show, closing at Tierney’s Tavern for the duel celebrations of his birthday and Four Fourteen Entertainment’s anniversary of doing shows at Tierneys, and to raise money for suicide prevention. KP learns that putting effort into the show can be depressing, and something mighty spooky happens.

The show that you had no idea that you’ve been missing out on for your whole life, the Dumbfellas podcast! Featuring 5 comedians from New Jersey sit around and talk about a bunch of dumb stuff. You’ll love it!

This episode of the Dumbfellas podcast was recorded live at the Tierney’s Tavern at138 Valley Rd, Montclair, NJ. Our theme song is ‘Rootbeer Station’ used with permission by the band Dancer – for more info on them at

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The Dumbfellas are:

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Kevin Joseph Garifo –

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