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Words With Friends

It started slowly. All my friends were doing it. It seemed like harmless fun. It was something I only did socially, and I tried it because I was bored. And now I’m hooked. I’m an addict. Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a Words with Friends junkie. “Hi Barbara.”

My Tale from Clinton Road

Every small town has that one creepy house, graveyard or abandoned lunatic asylum. West Milford has the mysterious Clinton Road and the equally spooky Clinton Castle. Rumors said that it was built in the 1600s by some heretic settler who spent his nights in debauched activities with the local virgins and livestock. It was actually […]

Faking It

There are some scary things out there—root canals, shark attacks, the Kardashians—but one of the most frightening things I’ve encountered is the Open Mic. The Open Mic is the forum for comics to test out new material in hopes that you’ve got some comic gold. Most of us mine through acres of crap for a […]