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Nick Ruggia is a 27-year-old stand-up comedian, actor and writer raised by photographers in Hoboken, New Jersey. He co-runs the show Destroy All Humans on the third Friday of every month at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, as well as Comedy Curb Stomp at The Watering Hole every Tuesday. Destroy All […]

New Jersey Is The Best State To Live In. PERIOD.

Like 99% of New Jerseyans, I think New Jersey is the best state to live in.  We have T.V shows based on the Garden State (I just sort of tagged our website) the big list of celebrities that were born here. We have one of the biggest gambling cities in the country (Atlantic City, just […]


Vinnie Vitale is a Hoboken-based comedian who has grown up in New Jersey his whole life. He has appeared on stage at Broadway Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy Club, as well as Carolines where he has opened for Andrew Ginsburg. He is a producer for Comedy Party USA, one of NYC’s longest running underground comedy […]

The Debate

There’s always the debate of the single life being better than in a relationship life or vice versa. My blog today focuses on that. I’m going to break both into Pros and Cons. We’ve all had that thought cross our mind. Hell, when we’re single we think during our dry spell, “Man…I wish I had […]

Lady Gaga Annoys Me

Before I start. She has a very talented voice. She is the second person most liked on Facebook (behind Eminem). I like how she’s very supportive to her fans or should I say “Little Monsters” (I think that nickname is SUPER f***ing corny). She even has “Little Monsters” tattooed on her arm. She collaborated with […]


Fellow comedian, producer, host, filmmaker and awesome dude, Manoli Vozos is our feature spotlight this week.  Manoli Vozos is from Union, NJ. He trained at New York’s Peoples Improv Theater, where he frequently performs – most recently with the sketch team The Foolhardy Manor and on the PITtv House Team Arthur Warburton. He studied Communication at Seton Hall […]

What Are Facebook Statuses Doing to Our Society?

We all go on Facebook nowadays (If AOL 6.0 and Myspace made love, THIS would be their baby).  We go on it dozens of times during the day. It’s the webpage form of opening our fridge, looking inside, closing our fridge, and going back at it again in 5 minutes.  One of the many beauties […]

Spotlight On: Corinne Fisher

Corinne Fisher is one of the few comics that leave New Jersey to pursue her dreams of being a stand up comic across the Hudson River to New York city and I am lucky to be a good friend of this funny, talented woman.  She’s been featured in Time Out New York for her one-woman […]