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Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Have Facebook…Especially Mine!

facebook1 It was a Wednesday night. About ten o’clock. I had just finished my essay for English class, titled “Why Reading Crime and Punishment is Actually a Crime and Punishment,” when it happened. After three dreadful hours of poring through pages of 19th Century-Russian literature, I was finally able to open my laptop and log onto the social capital of the world: Facebook. Immediately upon entering, I noticed a new notification, signaling a “Friend Request.”  Thoughts swarmed in my head when I saw this: “Danny, this could be it! That cute girl from math class whose clothes look they’re from Baby Gap has finally requested you! This could be your moment!” Click. “Wait a minute…this says the request is from ‘Jody New’…that’s not the girl from math class. That’s…that’s my…that’s my Mom!!!!” Read more

Hudson River Funny: The 1st Annual Jersey City Comedy Festival

cropped-cropped-jccf_banner2My wife and I moved from New York City to New Jersey in 2010. She had a job lined up there and I was working on my hilarious writings that’ll one day actually make me some money. As we got settled in, it dawned on me that I had no idea what the comedy scene was like in Northern New Jersey. All of my comic friends and contacts were back in the city and if I wanted to avoid paying that God-awful, ever increasing $12 in tunnel tolls, I’d better get to know the locals.

So I hopped from open mic to open mic for a year or two and one scene I kept hearing about in particular was the scene in Jersey City. Not only was there a thriving comedy scene happening there, but a strong art community as well. So when I caught wind of the 1st annual Jersey City Comedy Festival taking place in April, I pounced on it with the quickness and went to see what all the fuss was about. Read more

Welcome to Garden State Comedy!

NJ-COMEDY2Welcome to Garden State Comedy.  This website is dedicated to all things funny in the greatest state in the world … NEW JERSEY.

The goal of the GSC staff is to create a one stop shop for all comedy fans, humor enthusiasts, and comedians.  Our site will feature articles with humorous points of view on many of the newsworthy topics affecting our state.  We will also showcase local comedians, comedy promoters, and performers in a weekly Spotlight On feature.  To do this, GSC has assembled some of the sharpest and most witty minds around to be contributors to the site. Read more

Spotlight On: Corinne Fisher

corinneCorinne Fisher is one of the few comics that leave New Jersey to pursue her dreams of being a stand up comic across the Hudson River to New York city and I am lucky to be a good friend of this funny, talented woman.  She’s been featured in Time Out New York for her one-woman show, Corinne Fisher: I Stalk You (Dir: David Crabb).  Her second stage show, Almost Former Reality TV Stars had a run at the PIT in NYC in June 2011.  She’s been a regular on the stand-up scene, playing anything from dive bars to world-famous comedy clubs like Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, Comix & Gotham. She recently opened up for another talented comic (Colin Kane) in Bananas Comedy Club in NJ as well.  I sat down with her and asked her a few questions and advice for people who ever thought of ever doing stand up.

Q. Do you think living in New Jersey made you want to become a comedian?
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Beyond the Tweets

twitterSOCIAL NETWORKING is an obvious necessity in everyone’s world. All of your friends are on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, you may have some stragglers on MYSPACE or MY_____ or NEWMYSPACE, but if you want fans you need to know how to use social network and realize that they are part of the equation, but not the entirety of your marketing. The only reason you are reading this is because you have a compute and someone suggested it to you. What we need to do is take your page from promotional to productive.

Let’s start with the obvious, invite bombs work for mics, but not really for shows. E-mails, texts, phone calls, friends talking, a sick YOUTUBE clip, i.e. “BREAD AND MILK”-Vic DiBittetto, that drives traffic. You need people to want to check your page to see what you’re going to say/do next. Some comics test jokes on FACEBOOK, and if you get butts into chairs doing that, then continue being relevant on FB. It’s still better than the daily I’M AT THIS CLUB TONIGHT/ I’M DOING A BRINGER PLEASE BUY TICKETS posts.

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Are Comedians and Musicians really all that different?

musicMy parents were so proud when I graduated college. They asked me what I was going to do with my life now. I replied I was going to be a rock star. They had a laugh. “Well, what are you going to have as a fall back, in case being a rock star doesn’t work out for you?” I said I was going to be a comedian. They laughed so hard I knew at that moment I was destined for wealth and glory… Read more