Cape May Comedy Festival won by NJ Comedian: Jeff Norris!

norris3Anyone from New Jersey knows that if you are going to have a comedy competition in our state, then somebody from the Garden State better win it.  We can be friendly and nice when we want to be, but when it finally comes down to who is going to walk out of a comedy competition with a $5,000 cash prize…well, then the gloves come off.  And there are few working comedians in the business right now who deserve that win more than the New Jersey’s own, Jeff Norris.

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The Debate

couple2There’s always the debate of the single life being better than in a relationship life or vice versa. My blog today focuses on that. I’m going to break both into Pros and Cons. We’ve all had that thought cross our mind. Hell, when we’re single we think during our dry spell, “Man…I wish I had someone to watch Family Guy with me.” (That is totally not a personal thought.). Then, when we’re in a relationship 5 months or a year in and think, “WOW! I want to be down the shore partying with my boys!!” We can’t have the best of both worlds (Actually, we can. Ya got to be sneaky though because if you get caught, Armageddon’s going to happen and I do not mean the movie…well it could be like the movie because you’ll end up being upset/pissed because Bruce Willis dies.) Also, I’m married so this is all very neutral (I don’t want my wife to kill me, LOVE YOU BABE!)

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conte3Joe Conte has been able to take his experience of being a chubby, attention seeking, oldest of three children in an Italian American household and make it sound like he actually had fun. As you may know he is one of the hosts of the CONTE AND KENNY SHOW on, right here on GARDEN STATE COMEDY, and a regular at THE COMEDY SHOPPE.

When I was able to catch him on the phone for this Question and Answer session about what it means to be Joe Conte, we talked about some of the normal topics you may here in an interview, but it turned into a quite informative session and…

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Hudson River Funny: The 1st Annual Jersey City Comedy Festival

cropped-cropped-jccf_banner2My wife and I moved from New York City to New Jersey in 2010. She had a job lined up there and I was working on my hilarious writings that’ll one day actually make me some money. As we got settled in, it dawned on me that I had no idea what the comedy scene was like in Northern New Jersey. All of my comic friends and contacts were back in the city and if I wanted to avoid paying that God-awful, ever increasing $12 in tunnel tolls, I’d better get to know the locals.

So I hopped from open mic to open mic for a year or two and one scene I kept hearing about in particular was the scene in Jersey City. Not only was there a thriving comedy scene happening there, but a strong art community as well. So when I caught wind of the 1st annual Jersey City Comedy Festival taking place in April, I pounced on it with the quickness and went to see what all the fuss was about. Read more