GSC presents: Dumbfellas Podcast

Any stand-up comic will tell you that traveling is the worst part of the gig, so the best gigs are the ones where you get to work with your friends. When these five stand-up comics from New Jersey get together, the ride there becomes “The show before the show”. So please take your seat in the back as we invite you to come get a chance to experience the bickering, ball-busting and brotherhood for yourself as Garden State Comedy Presents: The Dumbfellas Podcast.

Featuring five drastically different personalities of: Joe Carney, Natty Bumpercar, KP Burke, Kevin Joseph Garifo, and your host Big Rich From Jersey.

Jokes! Insults! Drinks! Puppets! What are you waiting for? Buckle up and enjoy spending some time with the DUMBFELLAS!

Meet the Dumbfellas

Joe Carney

Joe Carney is a stand-up comic and half of the improv-comedy duo of “McDonald and Carney”. Joe is a master of impressions who cannot seem to resist singing, no matter how much we complain.

Natty Bumpercar

“What is a Natty Bumpercar?” you ask. We aren’t sure yet either, and neither is he. Natty is as eccentrically talented as he is artistically boundless. Overflowing with characters, riffs, ridiculous stream-of-consciousness tangents, Natty is the true wildcard of the “The Dumbfellas”.

“Shining Wizards” Kevin Joseph Garifo

Kevin Garifo is a stand-up comedian and the star of the popular pro wrestling podcast “The Shining Wizards”. Kevin is involved with several local and national independent wrestling promotions, while also serving as the self proclaimed “King of bar shows in NJ”.

KP Burke

Kevin Patrick Burke is a stand-up comic and Navy veteran. Burke has made a name for himself performing at “Roastmasters” at The Stand, and can be found working clubs across the tristate area – or crashing his work truck into a barricade on I-287 North.

Big Rich From Jersey

“Big Rich” is a stand-up comic, the other half of the improv-comedy duo of “McDonald and Carney”, and also runs several successful independent comedy shows in New Jersey. Rich is known for his charming crowd work and uncanny ability to always be on time.