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SCREECH performing comedy in Jersey this weekend!

screechFor those who grew up watching Saved By The Bell on Saturday mornings, you know that what started as an innocent teenage sitcom become a pop culture phenomenon. Characters like Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski and AC Slater became larger than life and went on to have some very successful Hollywood careers as actors.  But only one of those teen superstars is still instantly recognizable by one name, even twenty plus years after the show debuted…and that is SCREECH!

The actor who played the show’s resident nerd is Dustin Diamond, and he has parlayed his success as Screech into many avenues such as acting, adult films, and celebrity competition shows.  Now Dustin has brought his other passion out to New Jersey: stand-up comedy.  Dustin has been performing stand-up comedy since 2000 and has performed all over the country.  This Saturday July 20th, Dustin Diamond will be headlining a night of stand-up comedy at the The CrossRoads Café in Garwood, NJ.  The show starts at 7:00pm.

CrossRoads has been open since 1996 and has made a name for itself on the national music scene for booking famous jazz acts and for booking some of the east coast’s great up and coming rock talent.  CrossRoads has had some great local talent at the venue before, as they host shows by the Dumb Kids in the Back Comedy Troupe and are the home to the Rock and Roll Comedy Show.   Owner Lee Frankel is very happy to host the nationally recognized Dustin Diamond at his spot, and believes that his audience will really enjoy the show.

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