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008 – Dumbfellas – No Rails

Lady Gaga Annoys Me

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.14.44 PMBefore I start. She has a very talented voice. She is the second person most liked on Facebook (behind Eminem). I like how she’s very supportive to her fans or should I say “Little Monsters” (I think that nickname is SUPER f***ing corny). She even has “Little Monsters” tattooed on her arm. She collaborated with The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake for the song “3-Way (Freaking Hilarious). I am not irritated with her ability as a singer. What I am irritated/annoyed with is…why…OH, why…does she dress the way she dress. I get you have to have a look, but when every look you use is like a bad Andy Warhol acid trip, it just screams, “I want attention!!!!!”.

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