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Stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway come to NJ!

collin-1Improv comedy is coming back to the Garden State, and in a big way. International improv legends Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, stars of the recently revived Whose Line Is It Anyway, will be performing at the Tropicana in Atlantic City on August 16 and 17th in their show Two Man Group. For fans of the website, GardenStateComedy.com has started a contest to award the winner two FREE tickets to the performance of the winner’s choice.

Colin and Brad bring their quick wit and hilarious characters to life playing some of their more famous improv games such as Moving Bodies, Sound Effects and What’s My Line. The magic of improv is that all games are based on audience suggestions and audience involvement so no two shows are alike.

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The Debate

couple2There’s always the debate of the single life being better than in a relationship life or vice versa. My blog today focuses on that. I’m going to break both into Pros and Cons. We’ve all had that thought cross our mind. Hell, when we’re single we think during our dry spell, “Man…I wish I had someone to watch Family Guy with me.” (That is totally not a personal thought.). Then, when we’re in a relationship 5 months or a year in and think, “WOW! I want to be down the shore partying with my boys!!” We can’t have the best of both worlds (Actually, we can. Ya got to be sneaky though because if you get caught, Armageddon’s going to happen and I do not mean the movie…well it could be like the movie because you’ll end up being upset/pissed because Bruce Willis dies.) Also, I’m married so this is all very neutral (I don’t want my wife to kill me, LOVE YOU BABE!)

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chipps-2As fans of the hit television show America’s Got Talent already know Chipps Cooney is a crazy and hilarious magician. What many don’t know is what Chipps does know, which is how to make it and stay in the entertainment industry. Just following his weekend opening for Gilbert Gottfried on Thursday and Dave Attell on Friday and performing on Saturday at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ,   I was able to catch up with the legend and get some history.

Q. Chipps, how did you do The Stress Factory for two separate headliners?

A. Vinnie Brand had me open for Dave and since I was already there for the weekend, Omnipop asked if I could open for Gilbert.

Q. You must know everyone. How long have you been doing this?

A. 30 years. I used to play in a band, as a drummer, just goofing around on the stage.  My first gig was at a jazz club, Brady Haze. I don’t think they’re around anymore.

(He won’t tell me how old he is but he says he went to BABE RUTH’s funeral.)

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Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Have Facebook…Especially Mine!

facebook1 It was a Wednesday night. About ten o’clock. I had just finished my essay for English class, titled “Why Reading Crime and Punishment is Actually a Crime and Punishment,” when it happened. After three dreadful hours of poring through pages of 19th Century-Russian literature, I was finally able to open my laptop and log onto the social capital of the world: Facebook. Immediately upon entering, I noticed a new notification, signaling a “Friend Request.”  Thoughts swarmed in my head when I saw this: “Danny, this could be it! That cute girl from math class whose clothes look they’re from Baby Gap has finally requested you! This could be your moment!” Click. “Wait a minute…this says the request is from ‘Jody New’…that’s not the girl from math class. That’s…that’s my…that’s my Mom!!!!” Read more